2015-16 CE Courses Announced

WRA has released 2015-16 Continuing Education course descriptions. We will get a series of the 2016 required 18 credits scheduled for spring and fall 2015 very soon.

2015-2016 Continuing Education Course Descriptions

Course 1 – Wisconsin State-Approved Listing Contracts

Course 1 – Wisconsin State- Approved Listing Contracts focuses on the residential listing contract while providing a review of the differences between a customer and a client. Explores agency relationships including subagency, multiple representation with and without designated agency, single agency, and agency under a limited service brokerage. Examines the various forms of delivery available under the pre-printed terms of the listing contract and how to add email as a form of delivery. Reviews cooperation between brokers including providing access to the property, presentation of offers, and offers of cooperation and compensation. Discusses the concept of protected buyers and exclusions from a listing contract. Topics also included fixtures, personal property, and advertising.

Course 2 – Wisconsin State-Approved Offers to Purchase

Course 2 – Wisconsin State-Approved Offers to Purchase reviews use of the WB-11 Residential Offer to Purchase. Discusses using the financing contingency and the appraisal contingency. Provides instruction on title and methods of transfer and title insurance in the state-approved residential offer to purchase. Reviews property condition representations and how to incorporate them in the buyer’s offer including how to address “as-is” transactions. Covers negotiation processes including counter-offers, counter-proposals, presentation of offers, drafting offers for multiple buyers, and how and when a buyer can withdraw an offer. Compares fixtures and personal property and provides instruction on how buyers and sellers address property damage between acceptance and closing.

Course 3 – Wisconsin New Developments

Course 3 – Wisconsin New Developments updates licensees with the most recent changes and developments in real estate law, practices, and procedures.  Explains changes to Wisconsin statutes, administrative code provisions, and case law. Provides instruction on revised forms including state forms and WRA forms. Looks at pending and proposed legislative and regulatory changes, forms revisions, and other potential changes to licensing regulations.   Attendees will also receive an overview of proposed changes, legislation, policy changes, and other practice issues that are on the horizon.

Course 4 –Ethics and Fair Housing in Wisconsin

Course 4 – Ethics and Fair Housing in Wisconsin will satisfy the National Association of REALTORS® quadrennial code of ethics requirements. Discusses ways to improve standards of practice by focusing on competency, fairness, and integrity. Ethical agents will be honest with all parties, protect clients’ interests, and cooperate with other agents to advance clients’ interest.  Explores how timely communication and providing equal services to all consumers will raise the level of professionalism in the industry and avoid fair housing complaints. Instruction on the REALTORS® Code of Ethics and the Golden Rule. Reviews enforcement processes including the Department of Safety and Professional Services enforcement process, the REALTORS® arbitration process, and the professional standards enforcement process.

Elective A – Disclosures in a Wisconsin Transaction

Elective A – Disclosures in a Wisconsin Transaction helps real estate professionals understand what disclosure obligations licensees have and what disclosure obligations sellers have. Reviews the more common disclosure issues in Wisconsin transactions such as waterfront property, use-value assessments, and environmental issues. Explains the difference between nonconforming use and non-conforming structure. Discusses particular potential disclosure issues such as underground storage tanks, asbestos, renovations without permits and easements.

Elective B – Risk Reduction for Wisconsin Salespeople and Brokers

Elective B – Risk Reduction for Wisconsin Salespeople and Brokers provides instruction for brokers and salespeople to practice in a way that limits everyone’s exposure to liability. Explores broker supervisions, liability for brokers and salespeople, accurate drafting and presentation of proposals, and record retention. Compares customers and clients and disclosure of compensation and interests. Contrasts fee-splitting and incentives. Reviews requirements for a broker office policy manual and how to ensure that agents follow it and avoid the unauthorized practice of law. Overview of RESPA and affiliated business practices.

Elective C – Inspections and Testing in Wisconsin Transactions

Elective C – Inspections and Testing in Wisconsin Transactions provides a thorough review of inspections and testing in a Wisconsin transaction using Wisconsin-approved forms. Reviews the boundaries for an inspection including who can inspect, what can be inspected, the boundaries for a test and who can test, and the result on the offer depending on testing and inspection results. Explores the negotiation process between a seller and a buyer depending on the results of the inspections and tests including using amendments and notices and how the right to cure process works. Explains the difference between a defect and a material adverse fact and how parties respond to the discovery of that information.

Elective D – Wisconsin Condominiums

Elective D – Wisconsin Condominiums provides instruction on condominiums overall including creating condominiums, insurance issues, small condominiums, and the difference between a condominium association and a homeowner’s association. Reviews the additional disclosure obligations in a condominium transaction and the approved forms for a condominium transaction. Explores condominium specific issues such as financing, rental, rights of first refusal and what is included in the sale. Competency in a condominium transaction is emphasized.

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