2021 Leadership Ready for New Beginnings

January 15, 2021…Elkhorn, Wisconsin Lakes Area Realtor® Leaders Ready for New Beginnings

The Lakes Area Realtors® Association has installed their 2021 Board of Directors as follows:

President: Tracy Sallee President-Elect: Rick Geaslen Secretary/Treasurer: Julie Morse


Kathie Allen Brad Brewer Mike Culat Carrie Douglas Jane Dulisse Lorie Hall Pat Moore Bernie Weiss

“When 2020 presented us with unexpected challenges and like the rest of the world, we were caught a little off guard,” says Denise Schultz, Chief Executive Officer, “Tracy Sallee, not only stepped up, but charged forward, taking advantage of every opportunity for leadership development. Tracy collaborated with other local, state and national leaders to evaluate best practices and determine appropriate courses of action to pivot and remain essential to our members and the communities we serve. She invested extensive hours in advancing the cause of organized real estate.”

“I didn’t stop to think about my role as a volunteer leader in our industry,” says Sallee. “I just responded to events as they occurred, following the guidance of our CEO and trusted advisors. Our members help people achieve their home ownership dreams and we could not let that stop.”

Sallee and her leadership team were installed untraditionally in remote and socially distanced environments. “For now, I am not concerned with our lack of ability to have banquets and celebrations, she says. “I just want our members to be able to serve their customers and clients, safely and efficiently. I will be happy when we can all gather together safely. We are focused on ‘Leading Our Members and Communities to New Beginnings’ and will be offering programs to educate and inform in a variety of ways. “We know how to move forward, and it’s time to be sure our members are receiving the value they deserve.”

2021 Executive Team Morse, Geaslen, Sallee, Schultz

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