CE? – What is it and do I need it?

Near the end of every two year cycle (i.e. 12/14/2014), professionals in our industry begin to hear the term “CE” used more frequently. “CE” means Continuing Education, and more importantly, the specific education required by the State of Wisconsin for all real estate licensees every two years. Complete information is found on the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services website at: www.dsps.wi.gov

But we have provided the basic information here: CONTINUING EDUCATION GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR WISCONSIN REAL ESTATE LICENSEES: Licensed real estate brokers and salespersons must satisfy continuing education requirements during each licensing period, December 15 of even-numbered years to December 14 of even-numbered years. Continuing education is not required during the biennium in which license was first issued.

Renewal applications are sent to brokers and salespersons early in November of each even-numbered year. Brokers and salespersons must complete the continuing education requirement by December 14 of that year. Late renewals require completion of continuing education and an additional $25 late fee. If renewing late, licensees may not practice as a real estate agent before satisfying the requirements and receiving a renewed license.


All licensees must complete 18 hours of continuing education in each biennium through six approved 3-hour courses. Courses 1, 2, 3 and 4 and two elective courses are required. Providers must be approved by the Department.

Take advantage of opportunities to take CE Classes at the annual WRA Convention – 9/21-22 – www.wra.org/convention – or


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