How Can I Get More Involved in Our Association?

Sometimes those of us in leadership roles forget that there are 400+ members out there who aren’t involved in the every day activities we are. Yesterday I had one of our Affiliate Business Partner Members ask me “What committees can I get involved with at LARA?” and I realized that maybe our members don’t realize that YES – WE WANT YOU TO STEP UP AND GET INVOLVED! If we haven’t asked – then we are asking now – HOW DO YOU WANT TO GET MORE INVOLVED?

On Monday, February 29, our committee chairs, Board of Directors and staff will be at Hawk’s View Golf Club from 8:30-11:00 a.m. and available to answer any questions and provide information to those who want to be more involved.

Here is an overview of  our committees. With the exception of the Executive and Professional Standards Committees which require appointment, election or special training, positions are open to REALTOR(R) and AFFILIATE Business Partner members on all of these committees:

2016 LARA Committees

Budget and Finance                            Chair: Becky Merwin             Vice-Chair: Sue Miller Members: Mike Culat, Rick Geaslen Meets quarterly to review the financial status of the organization. Subcommittee:  Non Dues Revenue – evaluate revenue opportunities.

Community Outreach                         Chair: Molly Elsbury             Vice-Chair: Jane Dulisse Shine a positive light on REALTORS® in our communities – includes Twin Oaks Shelter for the Homeless fundraising and public awareness of REALTOR® activities and housing statistics. Seek “R TEAM” members to publicly promote volunteerism. 

Events                                     Chair: Andy Szymanskyj                   Vice Chair: Margaret Labus Plan events including annual golf outing, installation banquet. Seek members to contribute towards increased events to possibly include bowling, chili cook-off, inter-board/inter-organizational events.

Executive                                           Chair: Mike Culat                  Vice-Chair: Sue Miller  Members: Rick Geaslen, Becky Merwin Per the Bylaws, this committee is led by the President and includes the Secretary/Treasurer and one other Director. Sub-committees include:

  1. Long Range Planning –strategic planning, merger and consolidation considerations.

  2. Nominating – annual Board of Directors and REALTOR® of the Year nomination processes.

  3. Personnel – staffing issues, including performance evaluations.

Government Affairs                           Chair: Brad Lois                    Vice-Chair: Rick Geaslen 2015 Members: Becky Merwin, Lon Wienke, Mike Culat, Ryan Simons, Jan Alvey, Tom Keefe, Gary Grolle Works with the GAD on local legislative affairs; REALTOR® & Government Day. Seeking  “Advocacy Ambassadors” to attend and report on local issues. Subcommittee:

  1. RPAC Fundraising – Chair: Becky Merwin               Vice-Chair: Tyler Meyer Encourage participation at state/national levels; fundraisers.

Membership                                        Chair: Margaret Labus         Vice-Chair: Mary Ochoa Petersen Overall member benefits and services. Seeking members to help develop quarterly general membership events. Subcommittees:

  1. MLS – Chair: Bob Websterwe have one representative on the Metro MLS BOD

  2. West Side Condo Assn. Chair: Brad Lois – one member represents our interests in the condo association

  3. Business Partner Group – Chair: Amy Giovannoni – Vice-Chair – Pam Franzen

Professional Development/Education            Chair: Rick Geaslen               Vice-Chair: Wade Williams Work with staff on engaging and relevant New Member Orientation, Continuing Education programs.

Recognition – Adding 2016

Professional Standards                                   Chair: Sue Miller        Vice-Chair: Wade Williams  Member Roster Available Acts in accordance with NAR Code of Ethics.   *WRA Professional Standards training required within 24 mos.

 YPN Encourage association involvement and networking of those new to the profession.

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