LARA Leadership Message from Rick Geaslen, 2015 President

As summer comes to a close, it’s busier than ever here in the Lakes Area. This is not only the case in our real estate businesses, but on the association side of our profession as well. It seems to be convention season and I’ve noticed this inspires questions about leadership and future direction – including that of LARA.

Did you notice we recently issued a call for applications to serve on our volunteer Board of Directors? Did you consider serving? Or did the emails get lost in the shuffle? The initial deadline on the application form came and went while many of our members were busy closing deals, getting kids to school, attending the county fair, and so on. Based on feedback I’m hearing, I feel it’s important to pause and address the very important topic of our local association leadership. More importantly, I urge our members to take time to think about how you may want to become more involved. I’m extending the deadline for applications.

I find some people aren’t familiar with our governance structure. Our association has one staff member – Denise Schultz. She works for and represents us, the members, according to standards set by NAR, WRA and our volunteer Board (of Directors.) The LARA BOD is made up of 11 Realtor® members. 7 are Directors, with staggered two-year terms. (One director is allocated to the Western Racine Chapter of LARA.) 4 are officers, who make up the Executive Committee (President, President-Elect, Past-President and Secretary/Treasurer.) Committees, often led by these BOD members, help to accomplish our goals. I hope that each of you will consider serving on a committee in 2016. Committee involvement helps us develop as professionals, and leads to success and often higher leadership positions. I have personally experienced this and encourage others to do the same.

People ask me what qualifications are necessary to serve on the Board of Directors. For me, passion is a big component. Passion for real estate, for our profession, and for helping people. Commitment is equally important. At a minimum, those applying should be committed to at least 4 hours per month of preparing for and attending the monthly BOD meeting, and following up on any open issues. Directors should also commit to committee involvement and attendance at as many general membership functions as possible.

We have several (two-year) Director positions available for 2016, as well as the Secretary/Treasurer position. Do you feel qualified and inspired to step up? If so – please follow this link to the application, and submit it as instructed no later than Friday, September 25 at 11:59 p.m. If you have already submitted an application for 2016, THANK YOU, and there is no need to do so again. We just want to be sure we have heard from all interested members.

For those interested in learning the full details on LARA’s Nomination and Election processes, we will provide the policies below. Transparency is very important to us. Of course, please contact Denise at the LARA office, or me at (262) 949-1660 if you have questions you’d like to discuss personally.

Thank you for your continued support,

Rick Geaslen, 2015 President

Excerpt from: Bylaws of the Lakes Area Realtors® Association, Inc.Section 4. Election of Officers and Directors

(a) At least two (2) months before the annual election (12/10/15:10/10/15), a Nominating Committee of four (4) or more REALTOR® Members shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Policy A-6 from Policy Manual: The Nominating Committee will be made up of the following: Immediate Past President, Current President, Current President Elect, 1 LARA Director and 1 member at large. The Chair will be selected by the Committee at his/her first meeting. Adopted: December 18, 1997.The Nominating Committee will be a sub-committee of the Executive Committee, Adopted 2014.

The Nominating Committee shall select one candidate for each officer and one candidate for each place to be filled on the Board of Directors. The report of the Nominating Committee shall be sent to each Member eligible to vote at least three (3) weeks preceding the election (11/19/15).

Additional candidates for the offices to be filled may be placed in nomination by petition signed by at least 20% of the REALTOR® Members eligible to vote. The petition shall be filed with the Association Executive/CEO at least two (2) weeks before the election (11/26/15). The Association Executive/CEO shall send notice of such additional nominations to all Members eligible to vote before the election.

(b) The election of Officers and Directors shall take place at the December Annual Meeting (12/10/14). All votes shall be cast in person. The Slate for Election shall contain the names of all candidates and the offices for which they are nominated. (Revised 3/1/2012, 7/5/2012)

(c) Directors may serve two consecutive two-year terms. If a director is not elected as an officer after two terms, the director must leave the board for one year and reapply the next year for a director position. If there are no other qualified applicants, a director serving two consecutive terms may immediately reapply for a director/officer position. (Adopted February 12, 2009)

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