NAR Annual in Five Lines

This blog entry will be longer than five lines. But if you don't want to read it all, read the five lines that are large and bold, which we felt were strong take-aways from NAR Annual Conference & Expo in San Diego November 12-15, 2021.

“Boundaries are Important. Push out the Bad.”

Simone Biles has more Olympic medals than any other gymnast in history and was recently in the International spotlight for withdrawing from the women’s team events in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The 24-year old is speaking openly about her mental health challenges and not apologizing for it. Her message focuses on self-awareness and self-care, putting oneself first. “We are more than our work,” was a strong closing message as she summarized a life in which parents, coaches, and others make decisions for young athletes that are faced with overwhelming pressure as they mature. Her advice to young people is “make sure you love what you are doing and want it for yourself. Don’t be pushed by others.” She believes strongly in writing down goals and having “a Championship mindset” to achieve them. The crowd was very moved by her statement, “If Plan A doesn’t work, go to Plan B. If that doesn’t work, there’s still the rest of the alphabet. Don’t stop!”

“Master – Mentor – Make a Difference”

Drew Brees is best known as the record-breaking quarterback of the New Orleans Saints. His fans know he is also a philanthropic humanitarian, particularly helping in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Now thousands of Realtors® know too, as we had the opportunity to learn more about his life off the field, including raising four children with his wife Brittany. His Brees Dream Foundation focuses on helping families in need deal with cancer. When asked what he feels the greatest asset is for a leader Brees responded, “SHOW PEOPLE HOW MUCH YOU CARE.” His message to the audience, Whatever role you are in – be the best you can be in that role.”

“The People Who Understand People Always Win”

Rohit Bhargava calls himself a Non-Obvious Trends Curator. Bernie Weiss was the only one in our group that was able to take the opportunity to hear this innovative thinker, who encourages all professionals to: “Be Observant; Be Fickle; Be Elegant; Be Thoughtful; Be Curious,” and explains why in his books on Non Obvious Mega Trends. Learn more about this best-selling author at:

“Take Yourself Out of Judgement Mode and Put Yourself in Curiosity Mode.”

Robert Morris is a respected Realtor® speaker, instructor and consultant focused on professionalism in the real estate industry. He spoke at the RCE Leadership Luncheon on a panel discussing diversity, equality and inclusion. Being inclusive means making sure everyone is treated equally. Robert reminded us everyone can not only be "invited to the dance – but invited TO dance.” We can all do better. Look into NAR’s free resources such as the Fairhaven simulation and/or implicit bias test at:

Following this discussion, both Becky Merwin and Bernie Weiss commented on DEI (diversity, equality and inclusion) conversations being top of mind throughout the conference, often stunned and disappointed at the level of discrimination present in other markets and proud that they do not see it in ours.

Sue Miller, a member in Wisconsin in addition to her leadership roles in Illinois had a full schedule, but caught up with us at the luncheon and shared how wonderful it was for us to be at a live event again, “to have humans back together, information flowing, and leadership shining.”

“NAR listens to members better than we give them credit for.”

LARA Member and 2022 WRA Chair Brad Lois is front and center at national leadership events and votes on behalf of all our local members. He believes NAR CEO Bob Goldberg when he says, “We’ve heard you loud and clear.” Brad feels that even if some wre not in favor of pandemic related mandates (i.e. masks, proof of vaccination or negative test, etc.) they were carefully thought out and communicated and in the end, resulted in thousands of us being able to gather together as safely and comfortably as possible for the first time in two years. New, innovative events included thousands of us enjoying private rental of Petco Park to enjoy outdoor activities on the baseball field, and RPAC Major Investors enjoying private use of a beachfront amusement park. Brad is pleased with forward-thinking ideas being implemented.

We know that not all our members read all the e-mails and news releases about national-level topics such as the historical votes that took place Monday (11/15.) Brad not only pays attention - he is passionate. “We as members proved that we have the ability to move this country forward politically,” he shares. “The national Board of Directors and Delegate Body changes that were proposed, amended and acted on at these meetings show nothing more than an incredible desire to unite and work together for something better. Regardless of your personal positions on the topics, all opinions were RESPECTFULLY debated. At the end of the day there were amendments made and vote that passed action moving the membership and organization forward,” Brad says. We are fortunate to have Brad representing us and appreciate the time he commits, away from his family and business to do it. To learn more about the historic governance changes approved, read here:

MLS Changes Adopted

Straight from NAR: “Aiming for greater transparency, NAR’s Board of Directors approved six multiple listing policy changes. Listing brokers will now have the option to display the amount of compensation they’re offering buyer’s agents. The changes also require MLSs to offer a single data feed and a brokerage back-office data feed." Read a summary of other board actions here:

From the CEO: Most of my time at national meetings is spent with fellow Association Executives from around the country. We share ideas and concerns regarding details inside association management, aside from the real estate industry that our members are focused on. Once again I left feeling grateful for the relationships we have here in the Lakes Area. Our culture of friends and family vs. competitors ("we" vs. "them") is refreshing. President-Elect Rick Geaslen noticed the same as he spoke with other volunteer leaders from around the country. We are making strides towards being inclusive in all ways, but we should be proud of WhoWeR® and where we are headed.

These were just a few of our takeaways from days filled with non-stop opportunities to learn, grow, and network. Consider joining us and thousands of Realtors® and partners from around the world November 9-14, 2022 in Orlando, Florida.

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