Supra Contract Ending 1/28/2015 – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – Supra Security Service

 Q:When does our contract expire?

A: January 28, 2015

Q: Will I get a refund?

A: No. All lessors were billed a pro-rated amount through 1/28/15. No deposits were paid.

Q: Do I need to turn in my ActiveKey?

A: Yes. If your key is active, you were billed through 1/28/15 and may keep it until then. Keys not returned by 2/4/2015 will be considered lost and lessors will be charged the $249 replacement fee as agreed in the lease agreements with GE.

Q: Where can I turn in my ActiveKey?

A: You may drop off your ActiveKey at the LARA Office or at YOUR BROKER’S OFFICE BY 2/3/2015. Each managing broker will be sent a checklist of those agents with an ActiveKey and will collect keys through 2/3/2015. This allows those attending an office meeting on that date to conveniently leave their key for pick up by a LARA representative.

Q: Do I need to return my ibox(es)?

A: If you are a broker that purchased it/them, no. They will become your property upon termination of the contract 1/28/15. They will need to be deprogrammed by the LARA office before they are of use to any third party.

Q: Am I required to return my key fob for use with my phone?

A: No. The hardware for use with phones was purchased, and the service was leased. There is no need to return the key fobs. The service will not work after 1/28/15.

Q: Are we getting a new lock box system?

A: The Lakes Area REALTORS Association is not managing an electronic lock box security system after 1/28/2015. Individual brokers are making arrangements per their chosen broker policy. Please ask your managing broker for details on what other options are available.

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