What Makes REALTORS(R) Special

“Our Code of Ethics Helps Us to be Better at Our Business – and at Serving Our Clients.”

“This is How We Police Ourselves.”

“Knowledge is Truth.”

“We Deputize to Raise the Bar.”

“Tell the Truth, and You Won’t Have to Remember What You Said in the Future.”

“Our Code of Ethics Dispute Resolution Process Solves REALTOR® Problems Faster, Better, and Cheaper.”

“Resolve Your Dispute Less Formally and Less Costly – Call Us Today.”

“Never Spend a Commission Check You Haven’t Yet Earned.”

“Honesty – Trust – Integrity – Respect – Our Profession is Built on These Cornerstones.”

These are a just a few of the comments Lakes Area REALTORS® Association members shared in the introductory portion of Code of Ethics/Professional Standards Training at Hawk’s View Golf Club on Wednesday, February 10. Tracy Rucka, WRA Director of Professional Standards and Practices was impressed with our members level of commitment as she noticed, “A dozen firms are represented here today!” at the voluntary training, not required by license law or association membership policies. Rucka asked those present to share their name, firm affiliation and their version of “A Public Service Announcement” regarding the REALTOR(R) Code of Ethics and Professional Standards resolution process being discussed.

The 24 REALTORS® who took time to attend the training did so either to further their knowledge and professionalism, or because they have volunteered to lead on the Board of Directors or in a Professional Standards Committee capacity. Experience ranged from Elizabeth Grace, celebrating her 2-year anniversary in the business this month, to Bob Rauland, with 55 years of experience, and all ranges between. We appreciate the time our volunteers take, the hospitality of Hawk’s View and their staff, and look forward to the next opportunities to learn:

Monday, February 29 – 9-11 a.m. – “What’s In It For Me?” General Membership Meeting featuring benefits of membership and income tax tips for REALTORS® and related business professionals.

Wednesdays April 13, 20 & 27 – Continuing Education – More information: HERE

To learn more about the REALTOR(R) Code of Ethics and Professional Standards – See THIS PAGE

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